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Villa in Los Monteros, Marbella

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The Space

Accommodates: 1-8
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 5
Property Type: Villa
Check-in: 16:0020:00*
Check-out: 11:00


  • Coffee Maker
  • Essentials
  • Fridge
  • Full Equipped Kitchen
  • Hair Dryer
  • Internet
  • Linen Towels
  • Microwave
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Timeless 4-Bedroom Villa with Seaside Views, Elegant Comfort, and Enchanting Gardens

Nestled within the enchanting embrace of Bahia de Marbella, where the golden sands meet the azure waters in a timeless dance, stands a masterpiece of tranquility and elegance—a traditional luxury 4-bedroom villa that dreams are made of. As you approach, a lush tapestry of mature gardens unfolds, their fragrant blooms inviting you into a realm where nature and opulence coalesce.

The villa, adorned with timeless architecture, exudes a sense of refined grandeur. Ivory-hued walls bathed in the warm Spanish sun are complemented by terracotta-tiled roofs that echo the romance of a bygone era. As you step through the intricately carved wooden door, a world of sophistication unfolds.

The interior is a symphony of luxury and comfort, where each room is a sanctuary of its own. The living spaces seamlessly blend traditional charm with modern convenience, featuring tasteful decorations that create an atmosphere of indulgence. Large windows frame panoramic , allowing the mesmerizing beauty of Bahia de Marbella to become a living mural within.

Beyond the villa's walls lies a path that beckons you to the nearby beach, a mere stroll away. Feel the sand beneath your feet and hear the rhythmic melody of the waves, inviting you to bask in the seaside serenity. Whether it's a morning sunrise or an evening sunset, the vistas from the villa are a canvas painted with the palette of the Mediterranean—a spectacle that elevates each moment to a dreamlike state.

In Bahia de Marbella, time seems to slow down, and every breath is a sigh of contentment. This traditional luxury villa is not just a residence; it's a reverie brought to life, a haven where the whispers of the sea and the rustle of the palm leaves compose a symphony that lingers in the heart. It's an invitation to a dreamy existence, where luxury meets the gentle cadence of nature in perfect harmony.

Prior to check-in, a pre-authorization will be placed on your credit card for a damage deposit amount of 2.500€. This is not an actual charge but a temporary hold, ensuring that funds are available if needed. Please be aware that this hold will be released within 10 days after your departure, provided no significant damages are identified.
We understand accidents can happen, and we appreciate your cooperation in maintaining the property's integrity for all future guests.

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